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PSYD33 - Westen (2004) notes

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Michael Bagby

Westen 2004retelling the storymany advocates of ESTs have argued that clinicians should be trained primarily in these methods and that other forms of treatment are less essential and outdatedESTs and the research methods share a number of characteristics a treatments are typically designed for a single Axis 1 disorder and patients are screened to maximize homogeneity of diagnosis and minimize cooccurring conditions that could increase variability of treatment responseb treatments are manualized and of brief and fixed duration to minimize withingroup variabilityc outcome assessment focuses mainly on the symptom that is the focus of studytogether these characteristics maximize internal validity of the study BUT a valid experiment is where the patients are randomly assigned small set of variables are manipulated confounding variables are controlled procedures are standardized therefore able to draw unambiguous conclusionsintroducing RCT hereand saying that its better there are more assumptions regarding the extent to which the use of RCT validates ESTs which are not validated nor broadly applicable to most disorderstreatments outlined below1 PSYCHOLOGICAL processes are highly malleableassumption of malleability is implied through treatment lengths used in all ESTs range from 616 sessions sim
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