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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes- detailed (Pharmacodynamics)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Nussbaum D

PSYD35- A Primer of Drug Action, 12 Edition (2010) CHAPTER 2- PHARMACODYNAMICS  What drug does to bodybind to receptorsdrug binding is usually both ionic and reversible--- strength of ionic attachment is determined by how well fit of drug structure to site on receptor  When drug binds to receptor, two responses: immediate response to presence or 2) when drug given over long period, long term changes occur  Immediate response: nicotine (releases DA), Ritalin for ADHA, sedatives for insomnia—action for these are acute agonists at specific receptors  Long term—neurons adapt to drug, causing long-term changes (anxiety, depression)  Receptor: large molecule; endogenous compounds (neurotrans) float around and do their thing  Drugs have effect by binding to receptor and affecting availability of neurotrans and other chemicals at that area  15+ 5H receptors  Buspirone attaches to 5H1a (anti anxiety and antidepressant)  Binding drug to receptor causes either: binding to receptor site usually occupied can cause response similar to drug (drug mimics action of transmitter)---agonistic action Binding to site near endogenous neurotrans site (allosteric action) binding to receptor usually occupied, but blocking (antagonistic action)  General rule: drugs don’t create effects, only modulate normal neuronal functioning (e.g. schizo drugs are D2 antagonists—prevent endogenous release) RECEPTOR STRUCTURE:  Ion Channel Receptor (inotropic): receptor forms a pore that enlarges when NT or exogenous chemical attaches to receptor-binding site5 section (subunits-a,b,a,y,d)each section is made up of 4 helical coils with also cross membrane and are labelled (M1-M4)—The arrangement of these 5 units form the channel of the receptorBenzos are agonists that bind to site near GABA site and increase flow of chloride ions into neuron (hyperpolarizing)—drug flumazenil attach to benzo antagonist—It displaces benzo from receptor  G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (metabotropic): activate receptor->release intracellular protein (G) that controls enzyme function in post synaptic neuronthrough series of enzynamic process opens/closes ion channels located elsewhere on cell membrane Structure: single protein chain of 400-500 aa coils the NT/drug attaches inside space between coils Process: NT/drug bind to receptorchanges shape of receptorNT/drug binds to the G- protein in cell membraneactivates G G can directly activate ion channel or trigger chemical reasons that will cause the G protein to move across membrane and the (indirectly) activates enzyme adenylyl cyclaseproduces lots of AMPspreads signal through cellaffects ion channelsAMP is the second messenger (first being the NT/drug)  By using AMP, a small weak signal from outside can create a strong signal within (e.g. don’t need much NT)  Carrier Proteins: transports small organic molecules across cell membrane against concentration gradients Presynaptic carrier: bind DA,NE, or 5H in cleft and transport them back into presynaptic terminal—terminating transmission Structure: chains of aa arranged as 12 helical of aa Study: found that in order to move against gradient the transporters must exist in atleast3 states: open to the synapse, obstructed with the NT inside, and open to cytoplasm of presynaptic celltransporter is bowl-shaped; fluid filled basinresting state: bowl is open to cleft, traps one/more molecules, allowing floods of molecules to move from cleft into terminal  See page 47
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