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Henry Shiu

1 RLGA01 Chapter 1 NotesFew concepts that are common in all human cultures are powerful gods sacred places afterlife presence of spirits in the physical worldThere is a general belief that the world consists of three levels sky earth and underworld o Sky is where all the higher deities and gods lived o Earth was the intermediate level where the humans livedo Underworld was where serpents and other evil things lived under the EarthPeople believed mountains and hilltops were sacred placed due to it being closer to the sky ie God o Its called the sacred place because they claim to feel the presence of some sort of unusual energyReligion grows out of human experiencesThe concept of God born in Human started by the first century of the common eraThe ten waves represent the similar changes it brought to several traditions around the world o Wave 1 ShamanismA belief in spirits and its been evident since the time of huntersThere is belief that despite the death of any living thing the spirits linger around and there are rituals done to protect people from these spiritsThese rituals are suggested and done by Shamans who arepriests that interact between the intermediate world earth and the spiritual world o Wave 2
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