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Henry Shiu

1 RLGA01 Reading Notes JainismFollowing the Jain path means you must withdraw from all aspects of the worldJinas are the people who have accomplished finding eternal happiness by conquering attachment to the world and the most recent of this is MahaviraJainism is a tradition that expresses itself through the worship and following of the Jinas who are also known as the Tirthankaras which means the builders of bridges across the ocean of samsaraThe starting point of a Jina life to turn his back to the world is to start leading a life of nonviolence and selfdiscipline They live by the path of ahimsa paramo dharma which means nonviolence is the supreme path The reason to live like this and adapt to this is because through this we slow down the accumulation of karma They also recognize that everything has a soul JivaWhen Jains are attached to things they prevent themselves from knowing their true SelfSelf its deep silent tranquility is indifferent to the chaos of the world it is so deep that we can barely sense it nor see it due to all the distractions and its like a soul when we do recognize this Jains call this wakening as samyak dharsan right faith or correct intuition into the workings of world and this is seen as the starting point of Jainism200 years after the death of Mahavira Jainism was split into two sections Digambara naked or skyclad and Svetambara whiteclad the split occurred due to the differences in the view of ascetic practices womens rights etcthth Jainism started around the 9 and 6 centuries BCE as part of the shramana movement this group shunned the caste systemMahaviras life story is resaid and reenactedduring the festival Paryashu
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