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Henry Shiu

1 RLGA01 Reading Sikhism P 108140FounderGuru Nanak 14691539Foundation of the religion was to achieve spiritual liberation in a single lifetime though meditation on the hole name namand ethical behaviourName Punjab refers to the 5 rivers surrounding this placePunjab is seen as the place where there has been a crossroad of many different Asia cultures and religions especially the Muslims and the Hindusjanamsakhis literally meaning birth narratives is the material which we learn about Guru Nanaks life this only became written 7 years after his death but it was already being taught orally throughout his lifetime His life is divided into three distinct phases1 An early contemplative period 2 A mystic enlightenment followed by his years of pilgrimage and debate3 Him and his growing community established the Sikh community Summary of his life he contemplated a lot about meditation and spiritual matters in his early years then a few years later when he was bathing in the river he got sucked and there was no sign of him people had concluded he had died however 3 days later he came up claiming there is no Muslim there is no Hindu and he claimed he had a magical god like experience under the water which resulted in him leaving his wife and sons to go on pilgrimages and have oral dialogues with other religious members At the end of all this travelling he bought a land in Punjab right to the bank of Ravi river where he lived for the rest of his life as a spiritual guide for the new religionHis charismatic ways attracted many followers disciples who all started singing these hymns and devotional songs called the kirtan as a part of worshipThe first family to surround themselves with Guru Nanak formed the NanakPanth Path of Nanak which was the teaching directed by him on ethical and stuffHe had 974 hymns that shows up in the Adi Granth Im assuming thats the holy bookHe translated his teaching in the appropriate languages to reach out to more people Guru Nanak was the central authority for the Kartarpur community the village he founded by the river bankThe daily routine of people living in this community 1 Nanaks Japji Honoured Recitation which was recited in the early hours of the morning 2 So Dar That Door and 3 Arti Adoration were sung in the evening but in between all this their regular agricultural work will be doneGuru Nanak explained that the ideal devotee or person as a Gurumukh the one who followed the 3 fold discipline of namthe divine name relation to Divine dancharity relation to society andishnanpurity relation to selfAccording to Guru Nanak the stages to liberation and true spiritual life is required through the motto of not being greedy for more than you can attain and being able to give to society on your own situation as well put hard work into everything you do be respectful truthful humility sweetness of the tongueGuru Nanaks spiritual message spread through 3 institutionso The sangat holy fellowship where everyone felt they belonged to one large spiritual fraternity o The dharamasala this is the original form of the Sikh worship place
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