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Chapter 3

chapter 3- textbook notes

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David Perley

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CHAPTER 3 Judaism: apocalypse berith Diaspora Documentary Hypothesis eschatology Exile Exodus menorah midrash Mishnah Passover Pentateuch rabbi Sabbath restrictions pg 131 Tanakh Jewish traditions- Bar Mitzvah (initiation, gives thanks to the scripture in Arabic terms means sondaughter of the commandment, coming of age ritual; adulthood begins at age 13 signifying an age of moral responsibility) MITZVAH: A commandment, in the roman era, the rabbinic movement identified exactly 613 commandments contained within Torah. PASSOVER: The major spring festival of agricultural rebirth and renewal, given a historical dimension by association with the hasty departure of the Israelites from Egypt under Moses leadership. www.notesolution.com
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