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Book notes for Week 1.

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David Perley

Religion Concepts First Reading y Center stone at Stonehenge used to mark spot where toy would watch movement of sun and stars y Few concepts shared by virtually all religions powerful Gods sacred places life after death the presence in the physical world of spirits that interact with humans in various ways So old no one can say when these concepts emergedy World consists of sky earth and underworldy Nagas spirits of serpents in the Indian religiony Sacred means set aside y In the Ancient middle east worship was conducted in ritual places called high places closest to the skydwelling deitiesPaltera alter in Jordan y Waterfalls rivers sacred Had a soul animated by God y Animal spirits animals treated with respect when caught or frightened away and refused to be caught y Burial o East where the sun rises or fetal position rebirth Grave goods everyday items or costly things o All Saints Day Obon Day of the Dead Halloween the
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