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David Perley

C HRISTIANITY INTRODUCTION Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Palestine about 2000 years ago To declare Jesus lord and saviour of the world is to identify ones self as Christian; to understand this is crucial for understanding Christianity It is a tradition that involves a commitment of faith expressed in conduct Some Christians share the joy of their holidays and its messages of peace, etc. la la la with their neighbours and visitors, but others ostracize non-Christians as resistant outsiders The name Christmas means the mass of Christ... and it is a blend of the religious and cultural o Evergreen trees (German roots) o Holly and Mistletoe (British roots) o Yule Log and Reindeer (Scandinavian) o St. Nicolas of Myra was a saint of sailors in Turkey before being gradually transformed into the jolly gift-giving dude ***To understand Christianity, you need to dig into the regioinal and historical circumstances in the lands where it developed and evolved The mass (also called eucharist) is Christianitys central rite, a symbolic meal that recalls the self-sacrifice of Jesus They also celebrate Easter as a central rite, commemorating the rise of Jesus from the dead, understanding it to be a confirmation of his divinity www.notesolution.com Christianity spent three centuries as a minority movement prior to being established as the dominant religion of any state In modern society Christianity faces issues with secularism and increases of pluralism o Within what classical Christianity has claimed as the sphere of religion, Christianity is losing its monopoly It became an independent, new religion in the first century CE; an established imperial religion in the fourth century CE 3 Greatest Missionary Religions: CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, BUDDHISM www.notesolution.com
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