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Religion Chapter 1 LOOK AT httpwwwoupcanadacomhighereducationcompanionreligion9780195427172studentresourceshtml Looking Both Ways From Stonehedge Basic Human ReligionIn late December the winter solstice the sun appears to reverse its course and begin travelling northwards again at Stonehedge o Romans would celebrate this day as the annual rebirth of the sunthe highpoint of the festival they called Saturnalia tho In 4 century BC Christians in Rome would celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ at the same timeHistorically humans have thought the world to consist of three levelssky earth and underworld o Sky highest revered deities thought to live there o World human beings o Underworld evil spirits serpent spirits nagas of IndiaIn the Middle East worship was usually conducted at high places o People would offer deities food drink prayer etcSome cultures believe in animal spirits and thus rever animals and even use animal parts to contact spiritsThe events Japanese Obon Mexican Day of the Dead Christian All Saints Day and Halloween all reflect the belief that the souls of the dead return to earth once a year to share a ritual meal with the livingTwo powerful reasons behind human religion are the fear of death and the idea of an afterlife Ten Waves of ReligionMoving on from Stonehedge we see patterns arise in different parts of the world some simultaneously o Around 500 BCE several new religious traditions began to form under the leadership of a great prophet or sage sto By the 1 century of the common era the concept of a god born in human form was taking rootKeep in mind that some religious ideas may have moved across cultures from their place of origin while others may have developed independently or less independently This obviously occurs in response to changing environmental or social or economicconditionsFrom time to time religious ideas have cause major waves that have introduced new religious concepts and practices to different human cultures Wave 1 Shamanism
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