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David Perley

Concept Map: Ritual Name: Rahman Salehi Student Number: 999161375 In the chapter "Ritual" by Malory Nye, the actual process of defining the term ritual is complicated. Rituals can be interpreted in many ways, including meaning, symbolism, communication, performance, society, repetition and power, which are demonstrated in the concept map I have created (Nye, 132) A ritual has meaning and purpose, which give as guidelines to act accordingly to cultural traditions. For example, a common ritual amongst individuals that is practiced by everyone is "greeting" (Nye, 132). However, if you do not acknowledge someone you may know, you will most likely comes off as being "rude" (Nye, 132). Symbolism works through rituals and does not have one set meaning. For example, the Christian Cross symbolizes not only salvation but authority of the church (Nye, 135). This leads to rituals having power. Ritual is a method of "expressing power" as Malory emphasizes between the powerful (priest) and the subordinate (followers of that religion) Nye, 148). For example, "a woman going down on her knees in supplication to deity, in the presence of a male priest who remains standing", this shows rituals and power working together to keep individuals content with their subordination (Nye, 150). H
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