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David Perley

Chp 7TextthIn 19 century German writer name Max Miller argue that scholar of religion should thmake their scared text their primary focus of study For much of the 20 century scholar of religion haveseems to follow this advice by focusing on oral and written religious context Scholars have also assumed that the primary way of learning about the religious tradition is by looking at religious text in content or more detail WhetherQuranBy focusing on such text it makes it easier to focus on particular religion infact in raymond in ideal and document text state that not all of culture is textual there are other form such as music and artThis field of study has been defined by the scholars ofScholars emphasison religion on culture as text has define the fields of studyAccording to Jonnathan COller text can be analyze in many forms such as poetics styles and rhetoric looking in particularThe main idea of text is how its interacted with social and cultural context not how it c
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