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Chapter 1

chapter 1: hinduism intro

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Henry Shiu

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Chapter 1 : about religion
It is believed that the center stone of the Stonehenge was the spot that an observer would stand to watch
the movement of sun and stars ( astronomical observator y)
Few concepts that are common in all culture ; fundament al to religion includes
Powerful gods
A life after birth
Sacred places
The presence in the physical world of spirits that interact with humans in various ways
People commonly believed that the world consisted of three levels:
1. Sky: home of the greatest deities (sky father, creator, etc.)
2. Underworld: lived spirits of serpents (Naga, cobras; considered to be evil)
3. Earth: where the humans lived
Sacred places are places where humans tend to feel that they are in presence of some unusual energy
/power. They are usually high places which are clos est to the sky-dwelling deities.
Animal body parts were often used as "power objects" to help make contact with the spirits of these
In a hope for a " re-birth" the dead bodies were positioned with the head facing east ("first directi on where
sun rises) or instea d placed in fetal pos ition and adding "grave goods " to it. Some bel ieve diseased
ancestors play role in guiding their family members; examples of these includes Japanese Odon, Mexican
day of the dead, Chr istian all-saint day and Halloween.
There are many reasons as to why one choses to believe in a religion. Some of them includes fear of death,
hope for a good after life.. Etc. religion it self has many emotional dimensions such as fear, awe, love and
hate. It also has intell ectual dimensions such as cur iosity about what causes things to happen, a sense of
order in the universe that suggest the presence of a creator and make sens e out of human experience.
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