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RLGA02 – World Religions western traditions text book notes
Wave 1: Shamanism
A kind of priest, medicine man, soul doctor
Ancient cave drawings depict hunting scenes
Comes from a specific Asian culture, but it has become the generic term for a person who acts as
an intermediary between humans and the spirit world
Wave 2: Connecting to the cosmos
Stonehenge= sacred areas having huge stones in complex patterns
Political motivation ex. Weddings, puberty rites
Important function of priests- was to track the seasons and determine the best times for seasonal
Hilltop tombs/ fear of death/afterlifehigh places were commonly used as burial sites
Associate animals with specific deities
Male gods= strength and virility of the bull/ greek mythology= zeus took the form of the white
Wave 3: Temple Religion
Indo-european priests= language family and cultural system, may have originated around the
black sea
Farming was NOT part of the culture
• 1st jewish temple- after David had been chosen as king he captured Jerusalem. He transformed
the city into a proper capitol. His son Soloman built the 1st temple
Jewish priesthood was hereditary
Wave 4: Prophetic Religion
Prophet: a person who speaks on behalf of a deity and predicts the future
Zarathustra, left behind a collection of poems devoted to a wise lord
The site of the temple at Delphi, Greece where a virgin priestess under the inspiration of Apollo
delivered prophecies
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