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Chapter 1-2

RLGA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-2: Western People, Animism, General Order

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1. What does Athu Giel ea  the este folk oept of eligio? pp. 16-138)
2. What is the point of listing the various phenomenon of religion on pp. 136-138?
3. What is the importance of the word shukyo? (p. 137)
4. How is the idea of religion connected with the following ideas in the western folk
concept of religion? Institutions? Transcendence? Belief? (136-138)
5. Why bother talking about trying to define religion? (p. 138)
6. List and describe the stages in the development of the concept of religion in western
history. (pp. 138-140)
7. Compare and contrast substantive, functional, and experiential definitions of religion.
(pp. 140-141)
8. Choose a definition from each section that you can then use to show the limitations of
each of these definitional approaches.
9. Wh is E.B. Tlos defiitio oe of the ette eaples of a sustatial defiitio? Ho
is it connected to the western folk concept of religion? What is the critique of such an
approach? (pp. 143-144)
10. What are the general problems with functional approaches? (p. 145)
12. What does oass ea ad hat is the possile a out of it? What ae the
lingering problems with this proposed new approach? (p. 146)
13. Eplai h soe sholas ague that eligio is a atego of disouse. p. 18
Coe up ith etaphos fo eligio eligio is like…  ad etaphos fo the
poess of defiig the poess of defiig eligio is like…
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