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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA01 SUICIDE – SEPTEMBER 20 NIETZSCHE: The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a bad night. By the time the mind can think of it, the body wants to live. Philosophy approaches suicide as an individual issue. Psychology describes it as depression and failure. Sociology looks at it from a social POV. There are broader social forces affecting one’s life chances. EXAMPLES:  48 members of a Canadian cult to commit suicide: in Europe.  She went to court asking to be put down because of the pain. She lost the case.  “Dr. DEATH” he went around put people to death that requested to die. He ended up in prison for many years. He broke the door open in the US to assisted suicide  US MILITARY SUICIDES o 1 suicide per day in Afghanistan o 6500 a year among veterans (traumatic brain injury – TBI) Applying Socio Perspective  Anti social deliberate act  DECREASE WITH SOCIAL SOLIDARITY o Ties to people, to family, to friends, to memberships, groups, organizations o You can measure them with their interaction with family, interaction with friends o “Most of your facebook friends don’t add to your social solidarity” o The “Lonely Crowd” o The more social solidarity the less likely you will commit suicide  INCREASE WITH ANOMIE (out of your comfort zones) o Normlessness: social change as product of anomie (ex: divorce, getting fired) o HIGHER CHANCE OF COMMITTING SUICIDE Comparing MEN VS. WOMEN of these concepts 
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