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Shelly Ungar

 Theories of Democracy  Functionalist  Pluralist Theory – Holds that power is widely dispersed (spread). As a result no group enjoys disproportionate influence, and decisions are usually reached through negotiation and compromise  Everyone is equal and no one party gets power more than others  Conflict Approaches  Elite Theory – Small elite group of most influential institutions make important decisions without public opinion  Ruling Class – Is a self-conscious, group of people in the elite position. They advance their common interests and corporate executives leads them  Marxist Rejoinders to Elite Theory  First, Members of wealthy families occupy important stat positions  Second, Governments officials rely mainly on representatives of big businesses for advice  Third, Political parties depend mainly on big businesses for financial support  Power Resource Theory  Holds that the distribution of power among major classes partly accounts for the success and failures of different political parties over long period of time  State-Centered Theory  Holds that the state itself can structure political life, to some degree, independently of the way power is distributed between classes and other groups at given time  Sex – Depends on whether you were born with male or female genitals  Intersex Infants – Babies born with an ambiguous (Unsure) genitals  Gender – Is your sense of being in male or female roles  Theories of Gender  Essentialism – School of thought that views gender differences as reflection of biological differences between women and men  Social Constructionism – Regards gender differences as constructed by social structures and cultures  Freud on Essentialism:  Children around 3 starts to pay attention to their genitals  Children around 3 gender differences in personality and behaviour starts to show  Girls go through a “Penis Envy” phase where she realized she doesn’t have a penis and wishes to be men. This is a start to development of gender and sexual identity  Sometimes a boy develops a sexual desire for own mother  The mass media and bod
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