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Neda Maghbouleh

Week7KalpanaKumarasalamPg111127SOCA01NMaghboulehrdOct232013Chapter5SocialInteractionFeminist Theory Emotions and the Building Blocks of Social Interaction An experiment was done and they found out thatWomen laugh more than men in everyday conversationsDiscrepancy when the speaker is the woman and the listener is the manWomen laugh twice as men do When the speaker is the man the woman is more likely to laugh Men are more likely to interrupt others and engage in long monologues Men are less likely to ask for directions or help Implies a reduction in their authority Malefemale conflicts results from these differencesIf both parties remain firm in their positionsargumentSocial interaction involves people communicating face to face or via computer and acting and reacting in relation to other people Its structured around norms roles and statuses The Building Blocks that structure all social interactions are1Status refers to a recognized social position an individual can occupy Men have a higher statusthey get more laughsWomen have a lower statusthey just laughoMen are almost always class clowns 2Role are sets of expected behavioursPeople occupy status but people perform roles oA class clown will brighten your day if youre bored or day is dull3Norm are generally accepted ways of doing thingsTeachers impose normsoClass clowns get punished for distracting their classmates at hand Emotion Management An external disturbance causes a reaction that people presumably experience involuntarily Ex external disturbance can be a grizzly bear attack that causes us to experience fear or exposure to a virus that causes us to catch a cold Either case we cant control our bodys patterned response they just happen to usFeminist sociologists were the first to note the flaw in the view that emotional responses are typically involuntary People manage emotions they dont just happenargumentEx if you control your emotions you are more likely to survive from the grizzly bear by calming yourself lie down and playing dead Also you will temper your fear with a new emotion hope People follow certain cultural scripts when managing their emotionsPeople usually know the culturally designated emotional response to a particular external stimulus and respond appropriately
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