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Neda Maghbouleh

Week8KalpanaKumarasalamPg455475SOCA01NMaghboulehthOct302013Chapter 18 The Mass MediaThe Significance of the Mass MediaIllusion Becomes Realityst 21 century consisted of movies about the blurred line separating reality from fantasy The Truman ShowJim Carrey discovers everyone in his life is an actorThe MatrixNeo finds that his identity and his life are illusions American Psychomost disturbing movie Based on a novel that was banned in some parts of N America Patrick Batemanyuppie by day serial killer by nightSociological point of this movie people become victims of the mass media and consumerism In Batemans mind his 14 murder victimsprops in a movie No feelings of empathy to stage objectsMass media has completely emptied him of emotion he has trouble remembering the names of his victimsAt the same time mass media infused him with consumer valueshe can describe his victim by the brands stores they shop at styles pricesKiller and killed are both victims of consumerism and the mass mediaAvg CanadianSpends 25 hours listening to the radio Under an hour reading magazines newspapers and booksSpend their time going to the movies using the Internet listening to CDs playing video gamesSpend close to 40 of our time interacting with the mass media Most peoples reality is media generatedMarshall McLuhan coined the term global village Early 1960s Said media are extensions of the human body and mind What are the Mass Media The mass media are print radio television and other communication technologies Mass media and mass communication are used interchangeably to refer to the transmission of information from one person or group to anotherThe word mass implies that the media reaches many peopleThe word media signifies that communication does not take place directly facetoface interactionTechnology instead intervenes or mediates in transmitting messages from senders to receiversCommunication is usually oneway or onesidedThere are few senders or producers and many receivers or audience members
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