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Chapter 1

SOCA01 - Chapter 1 Textbook Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

SOCA01 TEXTBOOK Sociology Your Compass for a New WorldBrym NOTES 1Chapter 1 A Sociological CompassThe Sociological PerspectiveSuicideantisocialnonsocial oCondemned by nearly everyone in societyoTypically committed in privateoIt is comparatively rare2006108 suicides per 100000 CdnsWorld avg16 suicides per 100000 pplWhen ppl commit suicide we are more likely to think about the individuals state of mind as opposed to the patterns of social relationsThe Sociological Explanation of SuicidethEnd of 19 cEmile Durkheim demonstrated that suicide is more than result of a psychological disordersocial forces strongly influence suicide ratesThe rates of suicide and the rates of psychological disorder DO NOT correspond w each other oSlightly more women than men in insane asylumso4 males suicides for every female suicide oJews had highest rate of psychological disorder compared to other religions in France but had the lowest suicide rate oPsychological disorders occurred most frequently in adulthood whereas suicide rates increase steadily w ageAccording to Durheim suicide rates varied bc of the differences in the degree of social solidaritythe degree to which group members share beliefs and values and the intensity and frequency of their interaction in different categories of the population oThe more firmly anchored individuals are to the social world and the less likely they are to take their own life if adversity strikes Durkheim expected high solidarity groups to have lower suicide rates than lowsolidarity groups didat least up to a pointoMarried adults are half as likely as unmarried adults are to commit suicide bc marriage creates social ties and a kind or moral cement that binds the individual to society oWomen are less likely to commit suicide than men bc women are more involved in the intimate social relations of family life
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