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policies priorities for helping the Chapter 1worlds poor A Sociological Compasspersonal problems are connected 23 From Personal Troubles to to social structures at the micro Social Structuresmacroglobal levelssociety also lives in you24 The Sociological social solidarityImaginationsocial structuresstable patterns social imaginationof social relationsability to see the connection sociologist main task explain between personal troublessocial connection between peoples structurespersonal troublessocial what they need is a quality of structuresmind that will help them to see 3 Levels of Social Structurewhat is going on in the worldi Microstructureswhat may be happening win patterns of intimate social themselvesC Wright MillsrelationsPhilosophers Godnature facetoface interactionscontrolled society relied on eg families friendship circles speculations rather than onwork associationsevidencesstrength of weak ties BOX 12 ANDERTON moviebetter ask some1 whom you arent not everything is that close knows other people predeterminedflaw from Preunlike close people who actually Cogsknow same people as you do people false beliefsii Macrostructuresi they are perfectly free to do patterns of social relations that whatever they wantsocial lie outsideabove your circle of structure influences our behaviour intimatesacquaintanceskakilalawe are not really freeeg class relations ii the society is so bigpowerful bureaucraciespatriarchy Wthey are unable to do anything to household than M unequal change itwe can do something division of work in the householdabout itpatriarchy major source dissatisfaction within 25 Origins of the Sociological marriageswhen share domestic Imaginationresponsibilities equally3 modern Revolutionsmarriagei Scientific Revolutioniii Global Structures began about 1550intl orgpatterns of worldwide conclusions must be based on travelcommunicationsolid evidence not just speculationeconomic relations w countriesa science of society was the global structure of intl possiblerelations createdhelps maintain ii Democratic Revolutionglobal inequality suggests new began about 1750
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