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normsgenerally accepted ways of Chapter 3doingCultureeg creating schoolsICulture as Problem Solvingiiiproductioncultureinvolves makingusing toolsideas practicesmaterial objects techniques to improve our ability to that people create to deal w reallife take what we want from natureproblemsmaterial cultureegtoolstechniques that are astudent eat s eggssausage b4 tangibleexamshe created a culture to deal w her probnonmaterial culturebreligionpeople face the probl symbols normsother elements culture iem of deathhow to give that are not tangiblemeaning to lifetable 31 shared culture is socially egp75medicinelawreligiontransmitted through communicationwe are rewardedpunishedlearningsanctionsimasspopular culture rewardspunishments aimed at consumed by all classesensuring conformityii high culturecalled the system of social consumed by upper classescontrolopera ballet artfine literatureRewardsve sanctionsculture is not equal to includes everything from praisesuperstitiousencouragement to moneypowersuperstitiousunique to individuals Punishmentsve sanctionswho create themathleterange from avoidancecontempt culture widely sharedto arrest physical violence I1The Origins of Culturebanishment 3 main toolshelp people TaboossurvivedAPCstrongest normsiabstractionwhen some1 violates it it causes the capacity to create gen revulsion in the communityideasways of thinking that are not punishment is severelinked to particular instanceseg INCESTenable humans to learntransmit Moresknowledge in a way no other animal called by William Graham Summercancore norms that when broken does eg symbolsthings that carry not cause revulsion but still essential meaningfor the survival of their groupsocietylanguagesmathcustomschaircan only sit thereeg if a man walks down the street iicooperationwearing nothing capacity to create a complex social Folkwayslifeleast important normsaccomplished by establishing egif a man walks down the street normswearing nothing on top half his accomplisg things that no person bodyviolates folkwayscould possibly do in his ownBalance social controlresistance to social control
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