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Socialization-Textbook Notes

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a set of ideasattitudes about Chapter 4 Socializationwho they are as independent beingsISocial Isolation and theidCrystallization of Self Identitysuperegothe wild boy of Aveyronrepository of cultural standardsability to learn culturebecome egobalanceshuman is only a potentialto be Repression involves strong traumatic actualizedsocialization is a mustmemories in a part of the self that we socializationare not normally aware of the the process by wc people learn unconscioustheir culture3 criticismsdo so byiThe connections bet early childhood ienteringdisengaging from a developmentadult personality are succession of rolesmore complex that Freud assumedii becoming aware of themselves as iigender bias in his analysis of malethey interact with othersfemale sexualityroleiiineglecting socialization after the behaviour expected of a person childhoodoccupying a particular position in fixed by the age of 5societyII2Cooleys Symbolic Rene SpitzInteractioncompared childrenwho were lookingglass helpbeing raised in an orphanage w founder of the symbolic children who were being raised in a interactionistprison nursing home traditionan early contributor to the iorphansociological study of socializationless contact w other peoplestepsa tastea slice of societyiwhen we interact w others they hang sheets from the cribsgesturereact to ussocial derprvation effectsiiallow us to imagine how we appear oMore susceptibleto to theminfectionsiiiwe then judge how others evaluate tho4 yr play genitals us stvsnormal 1iv from these judgements we develop wo childhood socializationmost of a selfconcept or a set of feelingsour human potential remains ideas about who we are undevelopedour feelings about who we are Many people can remember depend largely on how we see experiences from their youth that ourselves evaluated by othershelped crystallized their selfidentityve selfconcept HarryMargaret Harlowassociated w low achievement inemotional development requires schoolpostsecondary institutionsaffectionate cradlingdiscrepancy bet our selfconceptIITheories of Childhood the person we would like to beSocializationto compensatesome people may II1Freudbuy compulsive spreesout of control self emerges during early social collectingbinge gift interactionthat early childhood givingegPapaBarotexperience exerts a lasting impact on women are more prone to thispersonality developmentBox 41 Monsterself
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