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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Work & the Economy (Compass)

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Sociology: Your Compass to a New World Chapter 13: Work & the Economy The Promise and History of Work Salvation or Curse? - After the introduction of computers in the work place, some workers said that smiles changed to frowns, mobility became immobility, sociability was transformed into isolation, freedom turned to regimentation - Bill Gates argues that computers reduce out work hours, make goods and services cheaper by removing many distribution costs and allow us to enjoy our leisure time more. Three Revolutions - the economy is the institution that organized the production, distribution, and exchange of goods and services - the economy is divided into 3 sectors: 1. Primary sector: responsible for farming, fishing, logging, and mining 2. The secondary sector: raw materials are manufactured and turned into finished goods 3. Tertiary sector: services (teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc.) are bought and sold - also known as the agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors - The three industrial revolutions were: Agriculture - humans were nomadic (traveled from place to place as a means of survival) about 10,000 years ago - people began to herd cattle and grow plants by using hand tools - Productivity: amounts of goods and services produced for every hour worked increased with agriculture - Fish, fur, and timber were important to Canadas primary sector Modern - international exploration, trade, and commerce stimulated Industry the growth of markets from the 15 century - Markets: are social relations that regulate the exchange of goods and services, where prices are established by how plentiful goods and services are (supply) and how much they are wanted 9demand) - Steam engine, railroads, and other technological innovations greatly increased - www.notesolution.com
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