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Sheldon Ungar

CHAPTER 1 A SOCIOLOGICAL COMPASSSociology maps try to show us where we are in this world and to see ourselves in the context of larger forces o Informs us of the opportunitiesconstraints we will face o The choices we encountero The consequences of actions o In general it helps us create the best possible futureSuicideresult of breakdowns of individuals o Rates largely influenced by social relationsSociological research tries to create a better social world o Use scientific methods to test ideasincreasing validity of resultsSociology informs you of the massivedisorienting social changes helps you understand social phenomenaSocio perspective can clarifyabolish commonsense beliefs THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVESocio takes a different surprisingenlightening viewpoint on social eventsSuicide o Considered to be antisocialnonsocial act o Condemned by almost everyone o Usually occurs in private o Comparatively rare in Cda o Focus on indiv states of mind not societys when trying to identify causedo not look at social relations that encourage or inhibit suicide The Sociological Explanation of SuicideEmile Durkeim o Showed suicide is not just caused by indivs psych disorder leading to desperationrather social forces affect suicide rates o Proposed that if psych disorder was the causewhen psych disorder rates were high suicide rates should also be high but his analysis showed the contraryMore men committed suicide and in insane asylumsPsych disorders increase when person reaches maturity but suicides high for elderlyJews had most psych disorders but few suicides o Stated that an inverse relationship exists btwn social solidaritysuicide ratesSocial solidarityy How oftenintense a group interacts y The degree to which group members share beliefsvaluesExamples in France y Married adults suicide ratesas unmarried bc social tie created to society someone to share everything y Women suicide rate low bc more involved in intimate social relations in family life y Jews low suicide rate bc persecution made them more defensivestronger y Elderlymiddle aged higher suicide rate than young bc alone no job no spouse not wide networkof social groups o Problem does not tell why a certain individual commits suicide o Advantage discusses one of the factors that explain why suicide rates vary Suicide in Canada TodaySuicide rate among youth greater since 1960sbco Very few reach religious institutions church temple etc o High unemployment rates o Rate of divorce highmany single parent familieshence less frequentintimate social interaction with parentsless adult supervision o Youth dont share moral principles weak social ties o CONCLUSION low level of social solidarity From Personal Troubles to Social StructuresSociety affect usour innermost thoughts feelings actions and who we are ie social solidaritySociologists goal is to connect our personal troubles to social structures that we are in Social structure relatively stable patterns of social relations o MicrostructuresRelatively intimate social relations formed from facetoface interactionie families friendship circles work associationsie when looking for a job it is better to ask ppl who you are weakly connected to since more likely to know diff groups of pplstrength of weak ties o MacrostructuresSocial relations that lie outsideabove circles of intimatesacquaintancesie Class relations bureaucracies gvmt syst where decisions made by state officials not elected reps patriarchy tradition economicpolitical system where there is inequality btwn womenmenGovn supports patriarchy by assistance to fams ie nurseries seniors homes since women who have full time jobs also responsible for house workPatriarchyunequal division of work in household often leads to marriage dissatisfaction esp if they cant get these services privately y If spouses share work equallylower chances of divorcing y Therefore social forces also responsible for dissolution of marriages other than incompatible personalities o Global Structuresie international organizations worldwide travelcommunication economic relations btwn countrieshave become very imp since cheap travelcomm lets all parts of world to be interconnected culturally economicallypoliticallyie global structures like foreign aidcharity try to helpabolish world povertyhowever not possible since developing countries are paying huge interests to debts they borrowed to improve infrastructure ie healthcare sanitation systems since imperialists ie Britain took way all their resourcesleft them in povertyglobal inequality will still remain at current situation if international relations ie debts interests remain samepossible solncampaigning for cancellation of foreign debtUnderstanding social structures can help us understand indiv probs betterfind possible solns The Sociological ImaginationQuality of mind tht allows one to see connection btwn personal troublessocial structures see connection btwn what is going on in the worldwhat is happening within themselves
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