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Chapter 11


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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 11 PoliticsFree trade and Democracyex organization named CATJO put on a media blitz to sway public opinion and were successful in putting Liberals in power does victory demonstrate government of the people In this case big business had big effect in victory so in that sense it doesntquestion at heart of political sociology what accounts for degree to which political system responds to demands of all of its citizensanswered by examining effects of social structures especially class structure on politicsstate institutions and laws also affect political processWhat is Politics Key termsPolitics machine that determines who gets what when and howPower fuels the machine ability to control others even against their own willmore power then others means you get valued things sooner less then others mean u you get less valued things more lateruse of power sometimes involves force Ex people obey political rules bc they are afraid to disobey and receive jail timepeople agree with distribution system or agree with it grudgingly ex People pay parking tickets wo going to jailwhen most people basically agree with how political machine is run raw power becomesAuthority legitimate institutionalized powerpower is legitimate when people regard its use valid or justifiedpower is institutionalized when norms and statuses of social organizations govern its usenormsstatuses define how authority should be used how individuals achieve authority and how much authority is attached to each status in organizationMax Weber wrote authority can have one of 3 bases1 Traditional authority particularly in tribal and feudal societies rulers inherit authority through family or class ties Right of clanfamily to monopolize leadership widely believed as will of God2 Legalrational authority modern societies authority comes from respect of lawlaws specify how you can achieve office is someone achieves office by following laws their authority is respectedpeople believe laws rational3 Charismatic authority extraordinary charismatic individuals can challenge traditional or legalrational authorityclaim to be inspired by God or some higher principle that transcends authority most believ claimcharismatic individuals emerge during political revolution attempt by many people to overthrow existing political institutions and establish new onesrevolutions take place when widespread and successful movements of opposition clash with crumbling traditional or legalrational authority politics take place in every situation ex face to face talk but sociology mainly concerned with institutions that specialize in exercise of power and authoritytogether these institutions create theState composed of institutions and formulates and carries out a countrys law and public policieswhen performing these functions regulates citizens inCivil society areas of social life organized by private or voluntary arrangements bw individuals and groups outside direct control of statecivil society controls state to certain degrees authoritarian state citizen control sharply restricted totalitarian state its virtually restricted democracy exert relatively high degree control over state do so by electionsmodern democracies citizens dont control state directly do so through organizationsPolitical parties compete for government control through electionsLobbies special interest groups such as unions form them advise politicians of groups desiresMass Media keep watchful and critical eye on state keep public informed on quality of govPublic opinion values and attitudes of adult population Expressed in polls and letters to law makers gives political reading of citizen preference
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