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Chapter 15


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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 15Health Medicine and Aging and some of Chapter 16Black Deathplague that killed 13 of Europes pollutionpeople who could avoid the plague were the welltodo and the Jews whose religion promoted cleanlinesssome groups were more likely to die from the plague than others health risk always unevenly distributedwomen and men upperlower class richpoor etc exposed to health risks at varying degreessuggest health not just medical but sociological issuestory suggests health problems change over timesEx epidemics break out but none as bad as Black Death bc of sanitationhygiene and today are able to team many infectious diseases with antibioticsmedical success creates new problems such as side effects of overuse of antibioticalso allows people to live longerLife expectancy average age at death of members of population1831 40 for men and 42 for women 2002 83 for women and 76 for menbut increased life expectancy leads to degenerative conditions cancer heart diseaseprolonging life raises question when should people be allowed to die and should medical personal be allowed to assist in bringing life to closemedical treatment in medieval times was superstitious and ignorant ex odd medical treatmentshowever backward medieval medical practice was advantages of modern scientific medicine can be exaggerated ex things like exercise and balanced diet were promoted by medieval doctorsshort coming of medical science emphasis on hightech cures rather than preventative and environmental measuresHealth and inequalityDefining and measuring healthfor measuring health of population sociologists examine negatives rates of illness and deathsay that healthily population experiences less illness and longer life that unhealthy populationMaximum human life span longest life an individual can live given ideal conditionsrecord is by Jeanne Louise Calment who died at 122only 1 in 100 people in worlds rich countries now lives to be 100Maximum average human life span average age of death for an entire population under ideal conditions Currently it is around 87conditions arent ideal life expectancy through world is under 87 Japan has highest at 81difference bw maximum average human life span and life expectancyEx max average human life span is 87 life expectancy in Canada was 79 Implies that on average Canadians are being deprived 8 yrs of life due to social circumstances 87798Social Causes of Illness and death1 Human environmental factor Environment constructed by humans pose major health risksex wells and logging in Lubicon first national in Alberta resulted in increase of illness thereEnvironmental racism tendency of hazardous waste sites and pollution industries to be located near areas populated by the poor politically marginalized or certain minoritiesalso contributes to lower levels of health2 Life style factors Things like smoking drugs poor diet lack of exercise and social isolation are main lifestyle factors associated with poor health and premature death1995 16 deaths in Canada caused by smokingestimated smoking responsible forof Canadians deaths bw ages 3584smoking outweighs suicide vehicle crashes and murder as cause of deathsocial isolation affects chance of illness and death ex unmarried has higher chances of dying then married death of spouse increases chance of dyingsocial isolation big problem with elderly who fall into state of depression that leads to ill health3 Factors related to the public health and health care systems
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