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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Stratification Politics and social complexity both involvedSocial complexity social differentiation differentiation comes from biologyhumans are highly differentiated specialized cellsAlso called complex division of laboursocial differentiationThe modern world there are thousands of different occupationsdivision of labourIn Canada around 3500 jobsEx High school teachers make more money than postal workersif postal workers begin to catch up high school teachers will get nervous and will want to restore the historical relationship of bigger salary want and ask for more money to restore People fight to preserve the relationship they have The legitimacy argumentsay that they deserve the money we make because what would society do without usDoctors frequency of visits to doctor isnt correlated to health of a personPeople in provinces like Albertahigher paysOntario higher than the MaritimesFactors of economic success Some of them are smarter than others intelligence is unequally distributedDegree of effort Geniuses are obsessed with their workit is difficult to separate intelligence IQ scores and motivationLevel of education clearcut in determining economic successSocial capital never underestimate networks and people you knowHuman beings possess capital and they can sell this in the labour marketIs in equality inevitable in society Mosca says in every society you always find elitesas a result of this you cant get rid of equalityDue to political organizationsocieties cant function without it and it would lead to chaosPolitics makes decisions and engages in coordination decisions are carried out or implementedCooperative effort difficult if someone wasnt making decisionsInequality is a power and whenever you have politics you have inequalities of powerInequalities of power relate to coordinationThere have to be leaders and followersPunch line with political inequality then you have inequalities in wealthinevitable Inevitable because Mosca links up with conflict theory when he says selfinterest is another reason why inequality is inevitable selfinterest me first everyone else last human nature is selfservingIn politics if you have power you take advantage of it Thats why we have scandalsCritics say that Mosca was a cynicthat people are greedy all the time he takes selfinterest too far also called him a reactionary somebody who is politically conservative who wants to keep things the way they are wants to keep material inequalityMosca takes the cynic part from conflict theory The rational part from functional theoryAnd combines both in his elite theory
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