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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Sociology Chapter 1; Suicide Sociological Explanation of Suicide Durkheim proved that suicide was strongly influenced by social forces. It wasnt only an act of depression from a psychological disorder Discovered that more women than men were put in mental asylums 4 males for every 1 female suicide Believed suicide rates varied because of different levels of social solidarity Social solidarity degree to which group members share beliefs and values; intensity and frequency of their interaction with the outside world The more people interacted with each other, the more securefirm in a social world, an individual would be Married adults are half as likely than single adults to commit suicide Women are less likely to commit suicide than men because women are more involved with their social relations and show their emotions easier Suicide in Canada Today Suicide among youth has increased dramatically Youths dont participate in their religious activities as much as before, meaning they dont share the same morals as their family Unemployment for youths is very common and stressful Many children are living with a single parent o This suggests that they dont like a lot of social intimate interactions with their parents and they arent as supervised as other youths Social solidarity has lowered over the decades From Personal Troubles to Social Structures Social structures relatively stable patterns of social relations Microstructures intimate social relation patters www.notesolution.com
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