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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCA01 SOCIOLOGY 1 CHAPTER 6GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS INTRODUCTIONSocial forms basic elements of social structure that include groups networks communities and organizationsCooperation through division of labour and specialization benefits peopleCooperation in groups and organization makes people more productiveSocial interactions and social formsthe essential features of groups and organizationsas the basic subject matter of sociologyRobert Bales o Task LeaderOrganize group to solve problemHelped set goalsHelped organize work o Emotional LeaderHelped group cope with frustration and conflict so that strong emotions do not distract from the taskPeacemaker o The JokerGroups need some of their members to perform Release tensions within groupSeemingly a slacker and timewasterWas important member o Groups need some of their members to perform certain tasks in order to surviveGroup members often invest themselves emotionally socially and financially in the groups which they belong in o Willingly take actions to protect group o Those who benefit more from the group will try harder to keep the group aliveGroups which are cohesive and flexible are more likely to survive o FamiliesSmallPrimary Groups o Intense facetoface interactions o Members identify with each other o Blurred emotional boundaries o Difficult to leave o Significantly affected by changeTeams bands gangs TBG o Larger o Less primary o Surrogate families o Not born intoJoinedMatter of choice o Want to be membersNot a means to another end o Leadership structureSetting goals motivations following rules o Simple politicsLegal systemEconomyCulture THE STUDY OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONTwo main questions o How do people typically act in social groupings of different size and purpose
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