SOCA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Symbolic Interactionism, George Herbert Mead, Lawrence Kohlberg

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The connections between early childhood development and adult personality are more complex than freud assumed: many sociologists criticize freud for gender bias in his analysis of male and female sexuality - Freud argued that psychologically normal women are immature and dependent on men because they envy male sexual organ & women who are mature and independent are classified as abnormal. Sociologists often criticize freud for neglecting socialization after childhood - freud believed by age 5, human personality is fixed, but socialization continues throughout the life course. 3. others - we see our social selves reflected in people: examples: the way people judge us helps determine whether we develop positive/negative self- concept. Some students" poor performance in school may be partly as a result of teachers evaluating negatively, i. e by race/class. Mead: george herbert mead (1934) - the i, is the subjective and impulsive aspect of the self that is present from birth.