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Chapter 51

MSL Chapter 51

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Mc Kinon

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MSL Ch. 51 Still separate, still unequal In 1954, it became law that in schools ppl of racial backgrounds cannot be segregate Ppl think that segregation has ended from 30-40 years ago when it was crazy intense, but it has rather not In Chicago, 87% of public school enrolment was black or Hispanic; less than 10% of the children were white, and in many other major cities like LA, new York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, around the same statistics can apply And its not even like the schools are in predominantly blackHispanic areas...the areas are radically mixed School in new York city Martin Luther King Jr. Is located in a middle-class white neighbourhood made for hope that most white population attend and the white ppl have it walking distance, whereas the blacksHispanic have to ride in bus or train The school was to integrate all races but it also became one filled with blackHispanic students These schools with more blacksHispanic and less whites, southeast Asians are considered diverse Black school officials have sometimes conveyed that theyre being asked to mediate and separate between children of their race and children of white ppl
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