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Chapter 12- Soca02  Aspects of the human body mean different things and have diff consq’s for diff cultures and historical periods  Def of what constitutes a disability has varied over time  Age is one basis of social inequality Society & the Human Body:  Believing that physical stature reflects social stature  participants correlated social status with height  Genes = impt determinant of any particular indiv’s height  Great majority of human populations are approx same genetically  Complex series of social factors determines avg heigt  Impact of fam income on stature  quality of diet esp during childhood o Higher standard of living = full potential growth  Correlation b/w stature and class position o Members of upper class on avg = taller than middle class o Exception: Scandinavian b/c class inequality = less pronounced  Tall ppl live longer & earn more & reach top of their profession faster  Height= bigger effect on income than whether one is an immigrant or minority  Height discrimination  ppl believe men should enjoy higher status than women (thus female pref for male to be taller and vice versa)  Tendency for leaders to be taller than followers Weight: 
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