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Chapter 7

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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02- HSW; Chapter 7 - mass media and education system are 2 of the main agents of socialization that help maintain and reinforce class relations - ideological hegemony (Gramsci): the control that ruling class has over a society's belief system  dominant class maintains its power through combo of coercion and persuasion in a way that we perceive world as natural or common sense (reduce instability if ruling class was to use force)  capitalism requires that we believe that we have true freedom of choice, but there is less variation in choices than we think (control by a small group of elites) - liberalism: dominant ideology of capitalism; emphasizes individual freedom, equality, and choice, all within capitalist market economy  modern liberalism linked to disintegration of feudal system (promotion of "me") and rise of Enlightenment  first used by bourgeoisie to promote their own interests, but later used to advocate equal rights for lower class, women, and minorities  traditional/agrarian societies/R (we) vs. industrial/liberal capitalist societies/L (me)  competing ideas = competing goods - culture cannot be separated from structures of power and economic relationships- we live in a capitalist culture, with beliefs and values that can be understood only within capitalist economy - mass media came to be most important means of transmitting and maintaining th nd dominant ideology in 20 century, however it was in 2 half that critics began to challenge it - John Porter, "The Vertical Mosaic"  mass media were controlled by a small group of men who shared certain common characteristics: most came from well-established families connected to publishing industry, they graduated from private schools and belonged to exclusive social clubs, almost all attended uni, and all belonged to British charter group of Canadian society - most media in Canada owned by a small # of companies, largest being CTVglobemedia, Rogers, Shaw, Astral, Postmedia, and Quebecor - the big 6 of Internet access: Bell, Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Quebecor, and Cogeco - the big 6 in US: General Electric, Time Warner, Disney, Rupert Murdoch's News Corps, Viacom, and CBS - contr
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