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Chapter 10

chapter 10 race and ethnicity

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Sheldon Ungar

LECTURE 1 CHAPTER 10RACE AND ETHNICITYDefining Race and Ethnicity 2 of the most oppressive forms of domination and injustice are colonization and slaveryPeople who face widespread prejudice and discrimination often enter sports entertainment and crime for lack of other ways to improve their social and economic positionPrejudiceattitude that judges a person on hisher groups real or imagined characteristicsDiscriminationunfair treatment of people because of their group membershipSocial circumstances have a big impact on athletic and other forms of behaviorSome respected scholars believe that we all belong to one human race which originated in AfricaRacesocial construct used to distinguish people in terms of one or more physical markersSociologists think that race matters because it allows social inequality to be created and perpetuated Race is to biology and ethnicity is to cultureEthnic groups comprise people whose perceived cultural markers are deemed significantEthnic groups differ in terms of religion language customs values etcEthnic values and other elements of ethnic culture have less of an effect onthe way people behave because social structural differences frequently underlie cultural differencesCanadian research supports the argument that culture is unimportant in determining the economic success of racial or ethnic groups What matters in determining the economic success of an ethnic or racial group are the resources that the people possess such as education literacy financial assets etcThe type of economic opportunities open to people also matter in determining economic success Canadas policy of multiculturalism emphasizes tolerance ofethnic and racial differencesThe United States offers the melting pot ideology which values the disappearance of ethnic and racial differencesResearch shows that Canadians are more likely to accept people of different cultures and ethnicities as neighbors or coworkersBoth countries have high intermarriage ratesRacial and ethnic inequality are rooted more in social structure than in biology and culture
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