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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CHAPTER 9Globalization Inequality and DevelopmentIntroduction The Triumphs and Tragedies of Globalization y People throughout the world are now linked together as never beforey The growth in tourism is one indicator of our denser international tiesy Many more international organizations and agreements now span the globey International telecommunication has become easy and inexpensivey International trade and investment have increased rapidly y Globalization has transformed and improved the way we livey However inequality between rich and poor countries remains staggering even increasing y Many people also oppose globalization because it may be hurting local cultures and the natural environmenty Some antiglobalization activists even suggest that globalization is a form of imperialism the economic domination of one country by another From their point of view globalization puts the entire world under the control of powerful commercial interests and contributes to the homogenization of the world the cultural domination of less powerful by more powerful countries Globalization Globalization in Everyday Life y Barbara Garson learned that her small investment in the Chase Manhattan Bank in the US together with many other small investments had hue implications for peoples everyday lives on the other side of the planetMoney was used by politicians in a large US corporation Caltex to bribe Thai officials for the construction of an oil refinery in Thailandy When we buy a commodity we often tap into a global commodity chain a worldwide network of labour and procedure processes whose end result is a finished commodityy We can better understand the web of global social relations by tracing the way one commodityathletic shoesbinds consumers and producers in a global commodity chainManufacturing plants such as Nike moved abroad because those governments eliminated many of the laws regulations and taxes that acted as barriers to foreign investment and trade consequently Nike started setting up overseas plants where they took advantage of low labour costsThe result was a new international division of labour highwage management finance design and marketing services were concentrated in the US and other advanced industrial countries lowwage manufacturing in the less developed industrializing countries
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