SOCA02H3 Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Notes

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27 Jan 2012

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From their point of view, globalization puts the entire world under the control of powerful commercial interests and contributes to the homogenization of the world, the cultural domination of less powerful by more powerful countries. Globalization in everyday life y barbara garson learned that her small investment in the chase manhattan bank in the. U. s. , together with many other small investments, had hue implications for people s everyday lives on the other side of the planet. The sources of globalization y although social scientists disagree on its exact causes, most of them stress the importance of technology, politics, and economics for the sources of globalization. Technology y technological progress has made it possible to move things and information over long distances quickly and inexpensively. Politics y globalization could not occur without advanced technology, but advanced technology by itself could never bring globalization about; politics is important in determining the level of globalization.