Textbook Notes-Chapter 9

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9 Feb 2011
SOCA02-Textbook Globalization, Inequality, and Development Jan-31-2011
The Creation of a Global Village
The world today seems a lot smaller than 25 years ago, seems like now we're creating aglobal
It's a lot more convenient to travel around the world today comparing to before, the availability
of internet, credit card usage, banks, etc made it possible.
The Triumphs and Tragedies of Globalization
Globalization makes lives a lot easier comparing to 25 years ago. Now everyone's connected
through internet, global trade increased by 2115 percent since 1982, all these good things are
brought by globalization.
However, globalization seems to make the world a more unequal place for us to live in. The
distribution of wealth is very unequal between the rich and the poor, and between different
countries. Also, globalization is some anti-globalization activists view is becoming imperialism
(economic domination of one country by another). Also, it contributes to the homogenization of
the world, the cultural domination of less powerful by more powerful countries. (Italians and
Indonesians are becoming like North Americans).
Globalization in Everyday Life
Everything influences everything else in a globalized world.
Our actions have implications for people far away. A small investment made by us could be
added together with other small investments and be used to change landscapes and construct
buildings elsewhere, thus changing lives of many people.
Global commodity chain: is a worldwide network of labor and production processes whose
end result is a finished commodity.
Large corporations like Nike use to manufacture all their products in the US up to the 1970s.
Now they have High-wage management, finance and marketing services concentrated in the
US and other advanced industrial countries, but Low-wage labor in less developed,
industrializing countries.
The sources of Globalization
Technology advancement is an important part of the story of globalization. Things like
commercial jets, worldwide web, telephone all contribute to the development of globalization.
Politics is also important in determining the level of globalization. South Korea has opened
itself to the outside world since 1900s, thus its economic, and cultural integration is much
greater. In contrast, North Korean preserves its authoritarian political system and communist
economic system, thus remained isolated from the rest of the world.
Economics is also an important source of globalization.
Transnational corporations: are large businesses that rely increasingly on foreign labor
and foreign production; skills and advances in design, technology, and management; world
markets; and massive advertising campaigns. They are increasing autonomous from national
governments (works under and together with the national government)
They are the most important agents of globalization.
A World Like the US?
Globalization is homogenizing the world, making the whole world look like US. But at the same
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