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Chapter 2

chapter 2

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Mc Kinon

chapter 2 how sociologists do researchSCIENCE AND EXPERIENCE y Experience helps determine how we perceive reality including what patterns we see and whether we are able to see patterns at all y The fact that experience filters perceptions is the singlebiggest problem for sociological research Filtering occurs in four stages values theories previous research and methods y Though with filtering we can never perceive society in a pure or objective form we can use techniques of data collection that minimize bias and we can publicly and clearly describe the filters that influence our perceptions y In science seeing is believing In everyday life believing is seeing CONDUCTING RESEARCH y Side note Carol Wainios we can be certain 1982 research involves taking the plunge from speculation to testing ideas against evidence y Sociological research seeks to overcome the kind of unscientific thinking it is cyclic process that involves six steps o Formulate a research question must be stated so it can be answered by systematically collecting and analyzing sociological data o Review the existing research literature this i
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