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Mc Kinon

OVER THE COUNTER MCDONALDS Robin Leidner All organizations hope to make people want to do what the organization needs done. Organization choose strategies that rely on socialization and social control varying mixtures that are determined by the aims of the organization, the constraints set by the organizational environment and the nature of the work, and the interests and resources of the parties involved. In service-providing organizations, upper-level management must concern itself with the wishes and behavior of service recipients and various groups of workers. Organizations that routinized work exert control primarily by closing off choices. Even when routines radically constrain choice, organizations still must socialize participants and set up systems of incentives and disincentives to ensure the compliance of workers and customers. McDonalds takes routinization to extremes including predetermination of action and transformation of character. At McDonalds the routines sharply limit the workers autonomy without giving them much leverage over customers. McDonalds The heart of McDonalds success is its uniformity and predictability. Its strategy for meeting that challenge draws on scientific managements most basic tenets: Find the One Best Way to do every task and see that the work is conducted accordingly. To ensure that all McDonalds restaurants serve products of uniform quality, the company uses centralized planning, centrally designed training programs, centrally approved and supervised suppliers, automated machinery and other specially designed equipment, meticulous specifications, and systematic inspections. www.notesolution.com
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