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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Race and Ethnicity

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

DEFINING RACE AND ETHINICTY The Great Britain Robbery y Dr Samuel George Morton was some scientist in the past that collected skulls and then he saw that the bigger skulls belonged to the white race and the smaller skulls belonged to people of the black race this was a biological argument about the superiority of races o People believed it in the past which led to colonization and slavery of the blacksbut today we know problems with what Morton found1 Morton couldnt have accurately said which skull belonged to which race thats too difficult2 Morton only took 72 samples of people very unrepresentative and the sample could have been unusual3 he didnt know whether he was taking samples of females or males females have smaller skull sizes Race Biology and Society y In medieval Europe some aristocrats pale skinned saw their blue veins and couldnt see them in their black peasants therefore called themselves the blue bloods but ignored the fact that they all bleed red blood y In 1927 Canadian professor Peter Sandiford had some stat on how IQ test results showed mental superiority of Northern Europeans compared to Eastern and Southern and therefore he said that only the smart ones should be allowed in CanadaAlso he got Chinese people as having the highest IQ score but told the Govt to ignore that yEven in the US it showed that Jewish people have lower IQ than nonJewish people on an IQ test also in a test black people scored below EuroAmerican so people argued why they have to spend so much money on these peoples education if being stupid is in their blood and is fixedthese people ignored two things however o Jewish IQ test scores rose as they moved up in the class hierarchy and received better education o The same happened for the black peopletherefore this shows that class hierarchy does have an impact on IQ and that the argument that IQ score differences are based on racial origin is as untrue as the aristocrats having blue veins y Some people argue that difference in athletic power is also genetics based o ie Africans are really good at sports hold the highest percentage in NBA NFL etcbut two things prove this statement untruethere has been no gene identified that links to athleticismblack people arent good at every sport like swimming tennis cycling or hockey y Sociologists have indentified social conditions that support why certain races may have caused a race to perform high levels of participation in things like a sport crime etc They argue that prejudice an attitude that judges a person on hisher groups imagined or real characteristics and discrimination unfair treatment of people because of their group membership led people to a certain common activity because of their immobility to go up the social ladder in other placesthey think that social circumstances have a big impact on athletic and other forms of behavior o ie the Jewish were mistreated up until the 1950sand until then there was a huge number of Jewish people who played a prominent role in sports
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