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INTRODUCTION ySome guy named Steven Rytina lived in Ohio mothers side was from Pennsylvania and fathers side was from Queenshe looked at family as larger unitsy Today John Laing protestant minister in Ontario thinks that family is disappearing thy Stephen Leacock political economist anf humorist think sthat now families are only on the 25 of December cause there is individualism and many divorces y Nuclear family consists of a cohabiting man and women who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child y BOX 151Sociology at the MoviesWalk the Line 2005 o Story about a man named Johnny Cash who was never treated well by his family his father He had failed marriages and was very depressed and took drugsone day he met a girl named June Carter and he leanred to love her and her family her family cared for herso the book questions what is a family One where a man and woman share a sexual relationship and have a child Or is it something more like sharing social relationshipsJohnny never had such a close tie with his biological family but he did with Junes so what does that say y Traditional nuclear family is a nuclear family in which the husband works outside the home for money and the wife works without pay in the homethis makes the man the primary provider and ultimate authority o Only a minority of Canadian adults live in traditional nuclear families today many women work o This causes rise in different types of families o Functionalists are against the working woman concept because they think it will cause a disaster they think that crime rates and welfare dependency etc is because there arent twoparent households for kids and that there isnt a traditional nuclear family o Conflict and feminist theorists disagree with functionalistsFUNCTIONALISM AND THE NUCLEAR IDEAL Functional Theory y Functionalists think that nuclear families perform 5 main functionssexual activity economic cooperation reproduction socialization and emotional supporto See page 432433 for explanation of the 5 main functions y There are still other forms of family like polygamy expands the huclear family horizontally by adding one or more spouses usually women to the household theres also the extended family expands the nuclear family vertically by adding another generation one or more of the spouses parentsto the household y George Murdock did some famous study in the 1940s and said either as the solenuclear family exists as a distinct group in every known society
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