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Chapter 42

Chapter 42 notes from MAPPING

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CHAPTER 42Over the Counter McDonalds Robin Leidnery Robin Leidners Over the Counter McDonalds takes us inside one employment organization and reveals what it is like to work there y Leidner an associate professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania shows how McDonalds employees are intensively socialized she also illustrates how the work is reduced to simple steps and therefore routinized so that managers and owners can maintain the most control over their product and over their employees this process of increased routinization in the workplace has a long history in industrialization especially within factory worky Many social analysts including Karl Marx have argued that routinization of work leads to workers feeling alienated from their products and from their sense of self y Organizations choose strategies that rely on socialization and social control in varying mixtures that are determined by the aims of the organization the constraints set by the organizational environment and the nature of the work and the interests and resources of the parties involvedy Organizations that routinize work exert control primarily by closing off choices even when routines radically constrain choice organizations still
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