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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Globalization

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 9Globalization InequalityDevelopmentThere is clear evidence supporting the vast benefits that globalization brings usBut arguably rather than spreading the wealth globalized industries and technologies may be turning the world into a more unequal place y Inequality between rich and poor countries remain staggeringrather than spreading wealth globalized industries and technologies may be turning the world intomore unequal place y Many people also oppose globalization because it may be hurting local cultures and the natural environment y Some antiglobalization activists even suggest that globalization is a form of imperialism the economic domination of one country by another o From their point of viewglobalization puts the entire world under the control of commercial interests o Moreover it contributes to the homogenization of the world thecultural domination of less powerful by more powerful countries GlobalizationEverything influences everything else in a globalized world y To explore this idea Barbara Garson traced a small sum of money she invested in the Chase Manhattan Bank in the USGarson discovered that the bank almost immediately lent some of her money along with additional money to Caltex a large US corporation for the construct of an oil refinery in ThailandInitially Thai officials opposed the refinery mainly because Thai fishers and farmers believed the refinery would pollute and eventually destroy their livelihood and their villagesHowever extensive lobbying by American politicians on behalf of Caltex eventually led Thai officials to relent and allow constructionCaltex secured the assistance of the politicians by using some of Garsons money for political party contributionsCaltex helped change the minds of some Thai officials by using some of Garsons money for bribesSome of Garsons money was used to help construct the oil refinery which did contribute to the destruction of the natural environment and the displacement of farmers and fishersEventually because of an economic downturn in Thailand the refinery was shut downWhen it closed many Thai oil workers became unemployed y In short Garsons small investment along with many other investments had huge implications for peoples everyday lives on the other side of the planetIt got caught up in the globalization of the worldGlobal commodity chain a worldwide network of labour and production processes whose end result is a finished commodityThe new international division of labour has yielded high profits y Nike is a good example of exploiting low labour foreign costs
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