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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Work

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Chapter 13 Work and the Economy The Promise and History of WorkSalvation or Curse y Sociologist Shoshana Zuboff visited many offices after they became computerized and asked office workers to draw pictures capturing their job experience before and after computerization y The pictures were all strikingly similar smiles changed into frowns mobility to immobility sociability to isolation freedom to regimentationThree Revolutions y The economy is the institution that organizes the production distribution and exchange of goods and services y Analysts divide the economy into 3 sectors 1 The primary sector includes farming fishing logging and mining 2 In the secondary sector raw materials are turned into finished goods manufacturing takes place 3 Third is the tertiary sector services are bought and soldThese services include the work of nurses teachers lawyers hairdressers computer programmers and so forth o Often the 3 sectors of the economy are called the agricultural manufacturing and other service sectors o 3 revolutionary events have taken place in the history of human labour and in each revolution a different sector of the economy rose to dominance The development of agriculture Until 10000 years ago nearly all humans lived in nomadic tribesThen people in the fertile valleys of the Middle East Southeast Asia and South America began to herd cattle and grow plants by using simple hand toolsAbout 5000 years ago farmers invented the plow which they attached to large animals and made productivitythe amount of goods or services produced for every hour workedsoaredResource extraction such as cutting timber mining or fishing are all commodities known as staples The development of modern industry International exploration trade and commerce stimulated the growth thof markets from the 15 century onMarkets are social relations that regulate the exchange of goods and services In a market the prices of goods and services are established by how plentiful they are supply and how much they are wanted demand
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