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MSL Readings: American Social Trends

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

American Social Trends Reading # 56, Pg 627-640 Charles L Harper & Kevin T Leicht Social change can be viewed in three different ways 1. Significant social events. (ex: WWI, 911, etc) Each event had an impact on society 2. Macroscopicsocial trends and cultural themes Change processes enable you to see patterns and make more general sense out of particular historical events by revealing underlying patterns and direction 3. Change in population and social institutions Occurs in social life and is closely connected to individuals and groups of people (families, communities, etc.) Structural trends are not unique to American society and have been taking place in many societies way before the 1950s Structural Trends Structural trends have to do with changed in our relationships with other people in society and in the organizations and communities in which we participate 1. Growth in Scale of Social Life: Peoples lives are increasingly connected with larger numbers of people in big structures that operate in a vast scale over large geographic area (such as communities and organizations) Your life is regulated by a huge national government You have connections, direct and indirect with anonymous people working in large organizations very distant from you www.notesolution.com
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