Chapter 2 Study Guide

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Published on 15 Feb 2011
How Sociologists Conduct Research 13/01/2011
Ultimate Questions
1.Are all ways of life equally futile or is it possible to live a meaningful life? 
acquiring more knowledge
2.Is there an unmoved mover? Aristotle called it the unmoved mover (creator)
3.What happens to us when we die?
4.Why is there something instead of nothing?
5.Do we have a soul and is that soul immortal?
Knowledge of the world comes from research:
Have to use scientific method
This is used by social scientists
Scientific method cant be used to answer ultimate questions
Beyond the capability of science to answer
Empirical-> facts, use of facts to acquire knowledge
-Stephen Hawkins; physicist uses computer to assist his voice, quadraparrelized,
believed universe was created out of nothing
Slide 6: Experience helps us filter our perceptions
Culture is selective perception : select some things, ignore other things
There are 4 stages to filtering(Slide 7)
Values shape what should be investigated
Leftie- political outlook of the world, more likely to use conflict theory which
focuses on exploitation
Conservatism= > Functionalism: all about harmony, social integration
Interested in free will= > symbolic interactionism; people have freedom to
make choices
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