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Chapter 8

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Sheldon Ungar

Chapter8 Social Stratification Shipwrecks and Inequality Robinson Crusoe classic novel of an Englishman marooned on a deserted island and works hard to turn the island into a colony Swept Away movie about a deckhand and rich lady being stranded on an island from a storm that hit their cruise they fall in love but once they are rescued the rich woman ignores the deckhandman 4 harsh messages 1 You dont have to work hard to be rich 2 Hard work does not always make you rich 3 Something about the structure of society causes inequalityat the deserted island the inequality disappears Titanic when cruise hits ice berg it gives the young lovers an opportunity to cross class divisions and profess devotion to each other Economic Inequality in CanadaIn North America poor people are more likely than rich people are to suffer illnesses that could be alleviated by organ transplant but arent given such opportunities Poor dont have private health insurance to cover transplantation expenses Poor are more likely to be organ donors bc typical donor is still young and a victim of accidental or deliberate violence which strikes the disadvantaged in disproportionate numbers Materialism is a defining characteristic of modern society Economic prosperity has made Canada one of the best countries in the world to liveGraph on pg 215 income has been rising Most families now have at least two earners but the prospect of buying a house and owning more of it than the bank does is still a struggle Line example make a line of people who earned the most in the beginning of the line and the ones who made the least at the end of the line see the difference between the top 20 and the bottom 20 In income Unequal distribution would be if the top quintile held 100 percent of the money and equal distribution is if the top 20 held 20 of the money This is a good way to measure if inequality is growing or shrinking Income inequality is highest in USA lowest in Sweden Canada stands in the middle
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