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Chapter 16

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Chapter 16 pg 465470William James psychologist why question lies at root of all religious belief Religion helps to cope with death offers immortality promises better times to come security of benevolent spirits Provides meaning and purpose in the world o Motivation maybe psychological o Content intensity form frequency influenced by structure of society and our place in itTime magazineGod is dead But surveys show Canadians agree with God is alive spiritually but practices and participation is less frequent 23 in 1946 to 15 in 2001Signs show revival of religion but too early to tellsellers and buyers of religious services Theoretical approaches to the sociology of religion Durkheim Functionalism and the Problem of OrderCanadian economist Colin Jones Hockeynational religionCollective effervescence Stanley cup excites us by making us feel part of something larger than we are eg TMLCollective conscience when people live together they come to share common sentiments and valuesProfane secular everyday worldSacred religious
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