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Sheldon Ungar

Ch9 Globalization InequalityDevelopmentThe Creation of a Global Village Comparison of then 25 yrs ago and nowexample of travelling to EuropeThe TriumphsTragedies of Globalizationy Indicators of Globalizationo Growth of tourism 1980 35 travelled internationally now 113 oinof international organizationsagreements o International telecommunication has become easyinexpensive in internet users cheaper phone callsin cellphones oin international tradeinvestment oof globalization articles ed 11fold y Globalization process by which formerly separate economies statescultures are tied together and ppl becoming ingly aware of their growing interdependence o Has transformedimproved the waywe live o Inequality bw richpoor countries remaino May be hurting local culturesnatural environment o Antiglobalisations activists suggest globalization is a form of imperialism o Imperialism the economic domination of 1 country by another y GraphCanada most exposed to international tourism IndiaChina least Globalization Globalization in Everyday Life y Everything influences everything else in a globalized world even price of tea in China o Barbara Garsontraced a small amnt of money she invested in a bank in US y Global commodity chain a worldwide network of labourproduction processes whose end result is a finished commodity o Ex tracing how athletic shoes binds consumersproducers in a GCCo Manufacturers closed their plants in highwage countriesmoved to developing countries o ed international division of labour o Workers paid poorly suffered beatingsharassment while managers paid loadedo When someone buys Nike shoes they insert themselves in a GCCThe CausesSources of Globalization 1 Technology in travel time easier to send info quickly inexpensivelyinstantly 2 Politicscontrast bw South KoreaNorth Korea remains isolated 3 Economicscapitalist competition a major spur to international integration y Transnational corporations multinational or international corp most IMP agent of globaliz1 Traditional Corporation vs Transnational Corp Rely on domestic labourproduction Rely on foreign labourproduction 1 Extract Nat Res or manu industrial goods Emphasize skillsadvances in design techmngmnt 2 Sell to domestic markets Depend on world markets 3 Malak PatelChapter 9
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