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Chapter 7 DevianceCrime Canadian Attitudes Toward CrimeCanadian television viewers allured to crime showsWhen asked to indentify top 10 social issues that concern them Can placed crime among top 3Cans believe crime is on the rise courts are too lenient w offenders should use death penaltyCanada contains a largeof bad people who have broken the lawOversimplification bc 1 the term crime simply indicates technical violation of criminal lawtells lil about hisher moral characterex This is the Law TV show o 2 List of famous ppl who have been labelled as criminals include Martin Luther Louis Riel Mahatma Gandhi Nelson Mandelathis people are now heroes for most people Normslaws have changed dramatically so have the defi of crimeSec 319 of Criminal Code prohibits the wilful promotion of hatred against any identifiable grp or anyone distinguished by color race sex orient religion or ethnic grp o Any1 doing so punished w an imprisonment of upto 2 yearsActs that are rightheroic for some ppl are wrongtreacherous for others The Social Definition of DevianceCrime Types of DevianceCrimeDeviance breaking a norm violation of an accepted rule of behaviour o Ex If a man were to use a womans washroom regard him as deviant o Many deviant acts go unnoticed o Informal punishment mild sanction thats imposed during facetoface interactionEx gossip shaming stigmatizationStigmatized ppl are negatively evaluated bc of a marker that distinguishes them o Formal punishment results from breaking laws laws that are enforced by govt bodies Ex spending time in prisonJohn Hagan classifies types of deviancecrime along 3 dimensions 1 Severity of the social responseHomicide other serious deviance results in the most severe negative reactionWearing a nose ringless negative reaction 2 Perceived harmfulness of the deviantcriminal actSexual assault harmful tattooingless harmfulNot actual harmfulness but perceived harmfulness is the issue 3 Degree of Public agreementWhether the act should be considered deviant 1Murder vs smoking marijuana4 types of deviancecrime Hagan1 Social diversionsminor acts of deviance harmless evokes mild societal reactionEx dyeing your hair purple Malak PatelChapter 7
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